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Who We Are


Rooted In Innovation, Dedicated to Compassionate Care

When ҳ began in 1902, our aim was to serve others in ways that helped them create a better life.
Over 120 years later, this mission remains the same, with a reach that continues to grow.

Leaders in the Field, Advancing Change

We advocate to ensure public policy drives effective practices. With a strong and respected voice and a reputation of providing life-changing care to the most challenging individuals, we are able to advocate for those we serve and change policy on local, state and national levels.

Our Mission

Cultivating hope and resilience to enrich the well-being of children, adults, families and communities.

Our Vision

Stronger families, stronger communities.


We embrace systems leadership and understand that in addition to the unconditional serving and supporting of children, adults and families in becoming more resilient and reaching their full potential, we must also be working, collaborating, educating and advocating to inspire hope and improve the health of neighborhoods and communities.
Our advocacy and voice at the federal, state, and county levels is our responsibility, and we come together to build responsible policies, responsive systems, innovative trauma informed practices and aligned financial structures that will accelerate our capacity to implement our agency mission and vision.
We recognize that systemic racism and implicit bias are real, and that as a social sector organization and as individuals, we must both model and advocate for diversity, inclusion, justice, and equity.

We believe that in the many ways we touch people’s lives, we must be person- and family-centered and strength-based, and we must give children, adults and families full voice and inclusion in our partnership with them. Together we are dedicated to this work and share a deep sense of responsibility and accountability to one another and to the drive for positive outcomes.


Led by a team dedicated to delivering a better life.

ҳ’ Board of Directors


Success built on a century of compassionate care.

Our success is built on a century of compassionate care. Discover ҳ’ story of progress and growth, with an ongoing commitment to supporting people in need.

Fannie Rowland, a civic-minded, caring resident of Pasadena, founded the City of Roses’ first orphanage, originally named the Pasadena Children’s Training Society.

The Kiddie Koop orphanage was founded in the rapidly growing metropolitan area of Los Angeles to support children in need.

Kiddie Koop moved to 674 South Catalina.

Kiddie Koop moved to present FRC site in Highland Park.

Our name changed to Hathaway Home for Children in honor of Frank B. Hathaway, who served on the Board of Directors. Services transitioned to residential care for emotionally disturbed children, based on psychiatric social work techniques.

The agency opened a residential treatment center in Altadena – a therapeutic home away from home for youth.

The ҳ opened its first administrative offices in Pasadena.

Hathaway Children & Family Services and The ҳ merged.

The agency name officially changed to ҳ.

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